Trushmix 05: DJ Grillo Wiener

Trushmix of the week is by DJ Grillo Wiener, a former hot-dog seller turned DJ residing in Stjå, Norway. This is Grillo Wiener's first official mix since 2009 Рa one-hour session of house music, mainly tracks from the 90's. 100% vinyl, pure listening pleasure!

Trushmix 05: DJ Grillo Wiener by TRUSHMIX


Trushmix 04: Jonny Rock

We are proud to present this week's Trushmix by Jonny Rock aka Oldschool Rider from London. He has sent us a fantastic mix in his special style of vintage house sounds, a full hour of oldschool goodness!

Jonny Rock has been involved in house music for a long time, with releases on labels like Music For Freaks, Disco 45 and RKDS. Don't forget to check out his latest releases on W+L Black and Foot & Mouth.

Enjoy Trushmix 04: Jonny Rock!

Trushmix 04: Jonny Rock by TRUSHMIX


Trushmix 03: DJ Sotofett

This week's Trushmix is by DJ Sotofett – straight outta Moss, Norway! DJ Sotofett is known for being the hyperactive half of Sex Tags Mania, and also runs the somewhat obscure techno label Wania. With a 90-minute mix of quality house flavor, recorded to tape, every track is presented in its entire length – pure listening pleasure from start to finish. And don't forget to check out the forthcoming 12inch "DJ Sotofett presenterer Dritfett" out on Wania end of October!

Trushmix 03: DJ Sotofett by TRUSHMIX

Next week: Jonny Rock


Trushmix 02: DJ Fett Burger

DJ Fett Burger, half of the duo behind the Sex Tags Mania imprint and head of the Sex Tags UFO label, introduces this week's Trushmix. A one-hour house session for the body and soul, containing some of Fett Burger's current favourite house cuts from around the globe; from Bergen via Paris, London, New York, Detroit, Berlin, Sweden and back to Norway!

Trushmix 02: DJ Fett Burger by TRUSHMIX