Trushmix 104:LNS

Trushmix 104- LNS. We welcome back LNS straight outta Vancouver and to Trush.
Another superb crafted mix for the heads and folks who like to get down to some technology music! Drifting between some early 90'S UK gems ala Rephlex, Ferox and like minded quality labels and touching base in Detroit with some real machine funk electro techno. A smooth and vibey start takes you into the journey of techno, electro and UK warped styles.

LNS keeps it real, she is just about to do her May-June Euro tour, a lot of gigs this time, so be sure to catch her if you can.
Check your local club and don't miss out on LNS deejay in action!

Rumors also say there is an till now unreleased LNS/DJ Sotofett collaboration track in this Trushmix mix. Time will tell, be aware of the exciting future.

Enjoy and check LNS Dee Jay around Europe this summer!



Trushmix 103: Ben Fester

Trushmix 103 by Sydney's own DJ and underground master promoter, Ben Fester!
Keeping it real in Sydney and makes things happen in the Australian city that struggles with lock out laws and other restricting crap to keep the happy people from having a good time. Ben, his Heavenly crew + his friends keeps things rolling to keep the scene alive. Respect!

This edition of Trushmix Ben provides us with a live recording of his set at this years Inner Varnika Festival in Australia. Over one and a half hour of banging house music!

Take it to the limit!