Trushmix 50: DJ Sotofett (live at Panther Room NYC, 19 Dec 2013)

Trushmix 50 present the first 3hrs of DJ Sotofett live at The Panther Room, Brooklyn NYC (Dec. 19th 2013). Amongst the not too unusual Finnish obscurities and unreleased Wania & Mania drops there's a pile of Deep-Queens less-than-$1-digs as well as Jersey & New York City house classics. Shouts to Madteo for hours-upon-hours in the crates and the daily music OD. Thanks to Taimur Agha for setting it all up and also recording the show.
In NYC? Don't miss the last Bandwagon show w. Madteo & DJ Sotofett in-store at Halcyon (57 Pearl St. - Dumbo/Brooklyn). Dec. 23rd from 7 - 11 pm. Free and open to all.


Trushmix 49: DJ Speckgürtel

The 49th edition of Trushmix is a over one hour affair with the mysterious DJ Speckgürtel behind the decks.The grand son of Killianstadten recorded a nice 80's and space influenced housemix, not for the charts, but strictly for the hearts.
For those of you that aren't yet familiar with mister Speckgürtel, we can tell he just released a new record together with friend and fat partner DJ Fett Burger, on Sex Tags UFO. The record is currently sold out, but for all of you that still haven't got this piece of slapp bass house it will be available again in a few weeks.

Words of wisdom:
Take a long break this week, start the weekend already on Tuesday, listen to good music and live to the max


Trushmix 48: L.A Morillo & DJ Fett Burger

Welcome to this weeks special trushmix, a over two hour long house session by trushmix' own L.A Morillo! and DJ Fett Burger! Their first mix together since 1990!

This mix was recorded on Saturday evening as a warm up session for getting into party mood. A non-stop house session with a first hand selection of the right jackin house trax! After the mix was recorded, Iben Elster came by. And the trushmix gang went to Cafe Opera to dance throughout the night to a legendary DJ set by Norwegian all time maestro Bjørn Torske. This is true Norwegian house underground in the year of 2013! For those who know, and for those who live HOUSE!

Next Friday the trushmix gang with L.A. Morillo, Iben Elster and DJ Fett Burger will do a special all night DJ set at Cafe Opera in Bergen, Norway.
If you're in town be there! This is going to rock the HOUSE for real!


Trushmix 47: Balearic Gabba Sound System

Balearic Gabba Sound System from Italy made a special mix for this weeks edition of Trushmix! A nice blend of spaced out discotheque music, italo flavored sounds, house music from the top, and some other rare balearic goodies straight from the Italian crew! A special mix for special people, in the true spirit of Trushmix!


Trushmix 46: DJ Sotofett & Snorre Magnar Solberg (Live)

Edition #46 of Trushmix presents a rare speciality - capturing 1-hour of Snorre Magnar Solberg (outta Bergen) and DJ Sotofett live at "Sex Tags Mania presents..." the 24th of Aug. 2013 at Loftus Hall, Berlin, with the above mentioned artists and Iben Elster as special guest performing all night. Throughout the hour is a peak into Snorre & Soto's combined record and live set - two turntables and a slowly heated machine park trippin' in-and-out of the mix.

Upcoming week in Berlin is the next round;
Sex Tags Mania presents Hops, DJ Fett Burger & DJ Sotofett
19th of October at Shift, from 23:00.


Trushmix 45: Leewok

This week Trushmix is heading towards Bristol and straight to one of their own local underground heroes. Leewok, the notorious leader of Bristol's infamous top off movement. A movement known for serving the best underground parties and making the crowd take off their tops when it's peak time! Amazing party trick for those who know real house music.
Ask David Morales for reference here.

Leewok sent us a party-packed and very slick UK dance floor friendly house mix.
Dubfire good friend of Rikki Hawtin plays live bass throughout the whole mix, and UK's own party king John Deegweed plays flute. As we like to say here at trush, this is it! Again!


Trushmix 44: Telephones

This weeks Trushmix is by no other than Telephones from Norway. Mr Telephones just released a new 12 " on Sex Tags UFO together with friend and occasionally production partner DJ Fett Burger. The record is in stores now, so get it while you still can, limited edition 5000 copies only!
The mix he made for Trush is a perfect blend to get you in a summer and party mood. A nice coctail of house, disco and italo injected goodies, just to give you all a
nice summer vibe. As always DJ mix from the top!


Trushmix 43: Rat Salad

Rat Salad is back in black on Trushmix with a very special in-deep wild motorbike-ride into the many corners of Rock and Roll, safety-belts are left home for the wimps. Those of you familiar with the evolution of Rock music from 60's Garage via 70's hard rock, boogie, sleaze, heavy and punk and finally 80's trash and NWOBHM, will for sure find this mix satisfying from a R'n'R-connoisseurs perspective. Mighty rock-classics and hidden gems are both woven together by the very essence of rock and roll: THE RIFF! Rat Salad had a lot of spare time on his hands this time due to some unplanned couple of months in the big house. If the verdict had more to do with constant bar-trashing, being a notorious speed rowdy or humping the Majors wife…we don't know. But we're happy as long as he got the extra time to create this freedom worshipping rollercoaster ride from hell.
Put it on at any social occasion and find out who is a "rocker" and who's the ROCKER!

Rat Salad, as always…

Rollin' the Freeway!
Riffin' like a Man!
Livin' Rock and Roll to the Max!

We're still waiting for his upcoming album which is ready for release soon!

Also check out Rat Salad's previous mix here:


Trushmix 42: Onlyz & Winklez

Trushmix 42 presents the solid duo that seems to have an endless selection - we enjoyed their picks many hours in a row, for many years already: Onlyz & Winkles from the magˈnifəsənt Greta Cottage Workshop radio show - broadcasted every week on Soundart Radio 102.5 FM, Devon UK's community radio. Local FM-radio: yes. Proper selectors: yes. Slow eargasm: yes. Aaand... don't you miss out on those archived Greta Cottage Workshop's either!


Trushmix 41: DJ Gilb'R w. DJ Fett Burger & DJ Sotofett

DJ Gilb'R from Versatile Records Paris troubles up with Sex Tags Mania's DJ Fett Burger & DJ Sotofett for a tuff house mix session. With pleasure we present deep, sweet and bashing house tunes, unreleased remixes and just-around-the-corner-12's. Stay tuned for upcoming inches of wax!


Trushmix 40: Finn Johannsen

Finn Johannsen is back again on Trushmix, with another splendid reggae dub mix! Over three hours of goodies from Finn's amazing collection of reggae, dub and diggi 7".
Don't miss this, it's a big musical journey as always. TIP!

Also check out a previous mix from Finn here! Enjoy!


Trushmix 39: DJ Sotofett then Ron Morelli

This weekend in Berlin: Ron Morelli from A1 Records (439 E. 6th St. Manhattan NYC) - also known for running Long Island Electrical Systems - plays at Panoramabar 19th of April. On the other side of it, DJ Sotofett -from 1500 Moss' Sex Tags Mania - plays on the same day at Loftus Hall. Check Trushmix 39 featuring first 50 min. w/ DJ Sotofett and the rest 107 min. w/ Morelli on the decks.


Trushmix 38: Jonny Rock

We welcome again our very special guest on Trushmix. Jonny Rock! Straight out of London's House Underground. We are very glad he could make a new and very special mix for us. We love it, hope you enjoy it massively as well. Trush on!

Also check out Jonny Rock's excellent previous mix here!


Trushmix 37: SVN

Again a warm welcome back to SVN straight out of he's infamous underground headquarter Neues Deutschland in Berlin. This is SVN third appearance here at trushmix, and again he surprises us. This time he has put together a fine tuned house and techno mix for us. More conventional then the two previous mixes, but in no way any less interesting. This is music from the top as always, from the sixth floor of Neues Deutschland to be precise.

And don't forget to check out the new AU record which SVN together with friend and production partner DNL just released on General Elektro. It's their third release together under the moniker AU. And as always with the stunning and detailed hand drawn record sleeve. It's a must have for all fans out there!

Hope you enjoy the mix and keep it real!

Also check out a previous mix from SVN here:


Trushmix 36: Mamma's Hand

We are happy to start of this new year with a brand new mix from one of our absolute favorite DJ's. The mysterious and talented Mamma's Hand from Italy. This weeks trushmix is his excellent selection of boogie, 80's disco, italo which moves into some true underground techno sounds and rounds of with a fabulous epic piece of funk music. This is a mix from the top, as always from this guy. The best possible way to start of this new year! Feel it!


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