Trushmix 90: Øyvind Morken

Trushmix number 90! Øyvind Morken is back again on trush, and it is great to have him back! Mr Morken gives us a one hour and one minute of disco infused selectors mix, which includes some 80 vibes, some african sounds and some heavy drumming and percussion tracks to keep the spirit of the night up and going! A true mid week good vibe mix, to help you forget the dull monotony of being stuck in traffic for example. And keeps you dreaming of the essential hours of the best mid week local discotheque, that is so good that you know you want to come back over and over again. So hopefully this is the mix that gonna keep you out of everyday boredom for a while.

Also be sure to check out Morkens playing favourites on web:
(great sticker on his record shelve by the way)


Enjoy the mix!


Trushmix 89: Luca Lozano

Trushmix 89! Luca Lozano is back again on trush, and we are happy to have him back!
This time Mr Lozano gives us one hour of chill out, relaxing and and mostly down tempo music for the come down after the summer parties.
Good vibes, and an nice exploration into the calmer atmospheric electronic sounds of the 70's-80's and 90's. A feel good mix for the early mornings or Sundays. The perfect start of a new day!

Make sure you don't miss Lozano's projects. Always a new record, tape or some artwork provided to the world. Rumours say a new record of his is on the way, and there is always some artwork for the collectors out there to grab.

Be on the look out!

Enjoy the mix!