Trushmix 66: Stiletti-Ana

This years last mix session is by Helsinki's own underground master producer Stiletti-Ana, part of production duo Jesse, DJ Candle in the Wind's in house producer and also the man behind Seriously Goodbye together with DJ Fett B.
Mr Stiletti just set up his new fantastic studio on the island outside Helsinki Acid city.
A new era of production from the country up north is about to begin. This is the first
mix recorded from his new studio. A nice electronic 80's inspired sample and synth driven mix session. Since he only had one turntable available while recording this mix, it's a 50% vinyl mix and 50% programmed with a drum machine and two synths.
A pretty good way to end 2014 on Trush!
Enjoy this mix, enjoy the new year, and be on the look out for Stiletti-Ana's new productions out there.

On the top from the top!


Trushmix 65: Rat Salad

After several months of healthy creative outbursts, locked up in the studio, rocking their guts out for the new album recordings, Rat and José got a little tempted to have a little party. And then another one and one more and one more and…
Well, let´s just say that José´s day job came in handy again, his old connections in the drug dealing business boosted up the evenings. Or how should we put it more gently?: It's been more drugs than sex and rock n'roll for Rat Salad lately. And who could blame them? If you were to be consuming every possible kind of opiate, spiced with ditto hallucinogens for a couple of months, with an additional diet purely consisting of dairy-products and muffins, you'd be pretty sedated too I guess? Not to even mention getting it up, or playing a friggin´ guitar?

Well, during those hazy couple of months, our two heroes at least managed to record this mix before they went into rehab. It was made during one of their most narc-o-ed-out parties, that was held in their home-studio. A smoky old industrial hall down by the docks. The whole menu was served. From uppers and downers to the more mind-expanding dishes. José and Rat took turns by the turntables, all depending on who was the most fucked-up to handle the task. There were quite a bit of freakish dancing going on but mostly during the first part of the set…but after a while the entire crowd were sunk to the floor, tripping out to whatever visions appearing in the concrete ceiling. 

This mix actually reflects this diverse intake of substances. You will experience everything from suicide-esque coke-mania and gritty heroin-punk to cosmic krautrock and space rock to tripped-out psychedelia and hippie-dreams. An enchanting trip through the far out lands of narcotic rock.

So fire up that doobie, drop that tab. Get baked. Get toasted. Tune in an trip out!


Trushmix 64: Jonny Rock & Brian Not Brian Part 2

Trushmix 64 gives you part two of the long awaited mix session by london underground diggers and selectors Brian not Brian and Jonny Rock. The last four hour session of an all in all eight hour live session in London. This mix is a trip through soul, funk, rock, disco, eighties, house inspired jams and other perfectly selected goodies for the best possible listening experience.

Sit back relax and enjoy this second session by Brian not Brian and Jonny Rock. London underground selecta style.



Trushmix - 63: Leewok And Curly Waters

After Leewok's last gigantic successful appearance here at Trush last year, the man and the myth straight out of Bristol is back again! This time with long time partner Curley Waters.
This, a live recording from the memorable heydays at Manumission Ibiza back in 1996. Way before it all went too wrong.  The mix has a little bit of all you need.
UK's young talents show of their mixing skills, and show us how it's done these days.
As a bonus for all you deep underground heads out there, Oakie does some shout outs in the mix. Listen carefully!

As a final note, the trushmix crew is now very happy to finally post this mix, it took us only five months this time. But it was worth all the waiting.

Enjoy, listen to the music and have fun!

Peace to the underground, to Ibiza and to Bristol for keeping it realistic.


Trushmix 62: FIT

For Trushmix 62 we dug up an old radio mix from FIT's weekly broadcast House of Noize from Detroit. Dive into this gritty discofied house mix with a pinch of acid while FIT prepares for his Euro appearance on SEX TAGS MANIA presents FIT DETROIT at OHM in Berlin the 18th of October alongside DJ Fett Burger & DJ Sotofett.

Be on the lookout for new 12inch releases on FIT SOUND following FIT-011's MGUN.

And off course don't sleep on the following fine anthems!
- Aaron FIT Siegel feat L'Renee "Tonite" (FXHE Detroit)
- FIT Siegel "Cocomo" (FIT Sound)

Check flyer here *Click *Click *Click!


Trushmix 61: PLO Man

PLO Man is up in the place here at TRUSH, for mix number 61.

Originally from Vancouver, Canada… your boy currently resides in Berlin, Germany where the mix was recorded live at the Centre For Midi Production. Keep your ears to the streets for a soon-dubbed, real deal cassette version of the mix. Until then, peep game on this 90 min. dance music excursion and remind yourself that house music is here to stay.

NOTE: This mix is strictly FUBU [For the Underground, By the Underground]

NOTE 2: Make sure to come down to Jøøoop!
Friday 26.09.2014 where PLO Man together with friends will make the dance floor burn all night long. House will come to Vancouver, Vancouver is in the house. Don't miss this!
Starts 22:00 - ∞

A C T I N G P R E S S - Special Presentation


Trushmix 60: DJ Fett Burger

Trushmix 60 with DJ Fett Burger back again with a house music is my life session. No big news here because this mix has previously been posted by the lovely Sound of Thought boys from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Much respect to the gang down under for keeping it real and underground, and for spreading the good vibes all the way!
Now it's time for DJ Fett Burger to head back home to trushmix.

For those of you who haven't heard this mix enjoy the first part of DJ Fett Burger's home-coming mix sessions.

And to check out some other exciting mixes and music visit Sound of Thought!

Also be on the look out for the two new 12's UFO 10 "Hands of Doom" by Dj Fett Burger and Luca Lozano. And MANIA 26 "Rock My Tempo" by Don Papa. Out now!

Peace and love!


Trushmix 59: Nonline – Versial & Tom

Straight outta Dalston! Trushmix 59 comes from Versial & Tom, two Irish DJ's based in London. Together, they run the true spirit underground club night in London – Nonline. No VIP booths, No P. Diddy or fuckin Willalobo – just a dark, sweaty basement and some fucking great club music. Previous bookings include L.A Morillo and DJ Fett Burger pluss many more.

They have taken a short break during the summer, but they'll be back with new parties
in the near future.

Not only club promoters. Trushmix 59 shows that these two guys also are great selectors and DJ's. In this mix you will be guided through a special little musical vacation.
A 50% atmospheric experience and a 50% session of house, disco and rolling some 80's smashing tunes for you, you and you!

Enjoy this mix for a perfect late summer experience!


Trushmix 58: Luca Lozano

We welcome Luca Lozano straight out of Neukölln Berlin as our guest for Trushmix number 58. The man behind Klasse records and the great great Grafiti Tapes label.
Mr Luca has made a special mix dedicated to the sound of the 90's UK. Bleep, breakbeat, techno, acid, house you name it. A small musical pin point into this guys new future release projects. Currently in progress making a new three part release together with Trush's own DJ Fett Burger. The first part in this series soon to be released on Sex Tags UFO and coming to a store near you!
Enjoy this great trip into the 90's and feel free to be what you want to be!


Trushmix 57: Jonny Rock & Brian not Brian Part 1

Trushmix 57. A key to the pleasure doom. This is the first part of an eight hour live DJ session by London undergrounds own master selectors Brian not Brian and Jonny Rock. Both of them familiar on trush for their excellent mixes, good taste, and their ability to dig deep into the vaults of cheap obscure music on vinyl.
This is a journey into to the unknown soon to be know. Stay tuned for the best DJ listening experience. Enjoy.


Trushmix 56: Finn Johannsen

Back on trushmix this week is no other than our favorite reggae and dub selecta. We welcome Finn Johannsen back! Most of you should be familiar with Finn's previous reggae, dub and digi mixes made exclusively for trush. As always a fine selection of music from the top. Three hours of goodies perfect for chilling out in a park in this lovely spring time. Enjoy all the way!


Trushmix 55: Mama's Hand

Trushmix 55 is a pleasure as usual. Finally we got a new mix specially crafted for a fine listening pleasure. Mama's Hand is the name of the man behind this special mix. A tour and detour through his collection of 80's, italo, boogie, disco, house and techno.
A perfect blend of quality music from all the top by our good friend and top selector from
Italy. This is spring time in music form. Take a break sit back, listen and enjoy!


Trushmix 54: Jonny Rock

Guest of this weeks Trushmix needs no further introduction, he has been here before and will come back again and again, one of our  favorite underground London selectors, Jonny Rock is back again! As always wicked tunes, excellent mix and a surprising selection of beautiful music for your heart and soul. This time Jonny Rocks selection is created by picking the odd ones out of random as he says himself.
Enjoy this mix for real!


Trushmix 53: DJ Hendrix & Peedoo

Trushmix nr 53 is here! Better late then never as we say in the world of 1000 languages.
DJ Hendrix & Peedoo of Hell Yeah records have made a very nice and full on vibe mix for
the next month to come. This mix has it all, building up with some organic down tempo
tracks, and shifting into some funk, disco and also a touch of house, then back again.
Be aware, this is very good. Take a seat in your favorite chair, listen to the mix, start to move when the groove gets you, and a miracle happens, you dance!

Hope you enjoy this mix! Everybody else does!


Trushmix 52: Rat Salad

Rat Salad and his ex-bandmate José has after life-threatening drama, economic trouble, loss of property, more or less violent incidents and several other turbulences, finally decided to let by-gones be by-gones and lower their guards to a fresh start for their friendship. And hopefully also for their band. 

It all started with José being up to his neck in deep-shit debt to almost every biker-gang possible…due to his poorly administered crack dealing business. José, desperate and strung out, crawled to the cross asking his old buddy for help. Rat didn't wan't anything to do with José and literary tossed him out on streets again. José owed him money already. Earlier, Rat had payed all the studio-time for their now legendary demo. But José had never payed his share. Not to mention every other loan he had never payed back during all the touring they had did together (he has expensive habits). José had to make a choice. Despite feeling awful betraying his old friend once again, he broke into Rat Salads house while he was asleep. He knew he had treasured goodies there that every rocker in the street would kill for. When Rat awoke from last nights rock´n´roll and boozing he couldn't even find his "good morning" bong. All his gear, amps, guitars (signed by all the greats in r'n'r history), his bike, all his vintage leather jackets and even his entire record-collection was gone. 
Rat was broken, what was he to do? His whole material life had gone up in smoke! The word was put out on the streets and the entire rock-community was now on the look-out for Rat's stuff. In fact no one would dare to take his belongings themselves. After all he was the most respected rocker in town. José had painted himself into a corner. He had given most of Rat's treasures to the local bikers to pay his debts. But what if it was known amongst the other rockers what he had done? José needed an alibi. There was two boxes of records left from Rat's collection. Both of them obtained rare demos, 7"'s and albums given to him by fans, friends and bands he met on the road, touring around the world. The UK, France, Belgium, Germany, Norway, Canada, Poland, The States. One box dating from '77-'85 and the other one from last years tour. Strictly underground garage-punk-r'n'r! 
 He knew Rat had significant sentimental value regarding those record, stuff you wouldn't so easily find unless you go to the auctions. He soon delivered them back to Rat, who in an instant forgave him everything from the past. He had never suspected José being the burglar in the first place and couldn't imagine him being the one responsible for all his losses. Rat simply couldn't understand the situation as anything else than his best friend giving him back the scraps of his belongings. Who other than good ol' José would go search the whole city for some of his favorite lost records?Oh what a great pal José is! Rat swiftly suggested that they should get together again and start playing together just like the good old days! And they haven't been out of the studio ever since! Rat Salad has yet to learn the real truth, let's hope they finish the new record before he does!

This mix is made out of music from the aforementioned two boxes of records José returned. Rat said he needed to preserve the music in a mix, in case they were lost again. '77-'85 is off-course the post-punk era. So it's time for the rockers with the short hair and the lean jeans. The rockers that in the name of anarchy just as well play the synth as the guitar, puts on a reggae or funk beat and has a drum machine as one of the band members. Punks, hooligans, unemployed geezers up to no good, art school drop-outs and drug-dealing street-rockers. Some of them with more central-stimulating drug-habits and mind you, a few more books at home than most other rockers. The second of Rat's boxes included more recent records by bands inspired by exactly this aforementioned generation. All strongly rooted in the D-I-Y philosophy of punk rock.
So dive into a real underground rock and roll experience and join Rat Salad down the memory lane in punk rock. Hope you'll enjoy it as much as we do!


Trushmix 51: Øyvind Morken

Big up for the first trushmix of 2014. This time we welcome Øyvind Morken straight out of Oslo, Norway as our special guest at trush. Mr Morken, tastemaker of the underground Oslo club scene has provided us with an awesome house infected party mix. This is a perfect start for this new and exiting year. One hour with music from the top that will rock the dance floor.

If you're in Oslo be sure you catch this guy behind the decks once or twice a week.
Party maximum guarantee!