Trushmix 33: Prins Thomas

We are very happy to introduce a new trushmixer: Prins Thomas! Norwegian cosmic disco renegade, DJ extraordinaire and all around nice guy. His Trushmix is an older mix recorded at Club Module in Tokyo, all the way back in 2006. Starting off in an easy going manner, it slowly starts moving into the worlds of cosmic sounds, disco, balearic and krautrock, peaking with some house sounds towards the end. Sit back, relax and enjoy.


Trushmix 32: Brian Not Brian

From the island carrying the myths and true talents of proper digging culture we hereby present Brian Not Brian, a leftfield junky, cheap-bin crate digger and top selector. Not only is Brian Not Brian what we here in Norway call a typical dance-music-lover with the taste for odd excursions, he's also the UK-left-hand and under-the-radar-distributor for Sex Tags related records in London's underground stores. We welcome you to Brian Not Brian's first 60 minutes for Trushmix, a selection of the 7000+ records he had, yes had...