Trushmix 26: DJ Sotofett

After eight long months, it's about time we post a new mix from DJ Sotofett! DJ Sotofett has been a busy man lately – producing new tracks, DJing and firing out those under-the-radar 12" releases that seem so hard to get your hands on. Word is that he has some interesting new things coming up, including some smashing new trax with none other than Madteo on vocals! Soon to find in a record store near you. Also, for all of you that still are on the search for Sotofett's mailorder only record Bhakti Crew, keep on looking, it's out there somewhere …

This time, DJ Sotofett has put together an eclectic mix that'll challenge your senses – from house via dubby deepness to full-on 80's pop bangers, all stringed together in Sotofett's raw, leftfield style. Tune in!

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Trushmix 25: Finn Johannsen – Part 2

Finn Johannsen should need no introduction. A few weeks we posted the first part of his mammoth 8-hour reggae session – and here is finally part 2! Four more hours of reggae music from the top of Jamaica!
If you haven't already listened to one, check it out here: