Trushmix 85 - Kokk N Roll

In our 85th edition of Trushmix we welcome back Kokk N Roll. This time with an over two hour session of inspiration. The selector hits us hard this time with a well
selected and curated mix of rare songs, grooves and rhythms from the African continent, with a heavy focus on the western part. All original records, therefor also the sometimes ruff sound, but with the additional charm and character it is with old well used records.

It's a musical journey through countries such as Senegal, Mali, Guinea, Nigeria, Ghana, Congo and Benin. And we will explore the musically diversity the collector has to offer us from these countries. Get ready for some Mbalax, Afro Mandingue, Afro Cuban, Afro Rock and some Psych. Plus a heavy dose of some spiritual vibes.

Enjoy Kokk N Roll's journey into the the groove from Africa.

Love is the message, music has no boundaries.