Trushmix 39: DJ Sotofett then Ron Morelli

This weekend in Berlin: Ron Morelli from A1 Records (439 E. 6th St. Manhattan NYC) - also known for running Long Island Electrical Systems - plays at Panoramabar 19th of April. On the other side of it, DJ Sotofett -from 1500 Moss' Sex Tags Mania - plays on the same day at Loftus Hall. Check Trushmix 39 featuring first 50 min. w/ DJ Sotofett and the rest 107 min. w/ Morelli on the decks.


Trushmix 38: Jonny Rock

We welcome again our very special guest on Trushmix. Jonny Rock! Straight out of London's House Underground. We are very glad he could make a new and very special mix for us. We love it, hope you enjoy it massively as well. Trush on!

Also check out Jonny Rock's excellent previous mix here!