Trushmix 35: Rat Salad

We are very proud to present this weeks very special Trushmix, by the notorious and sleazy pub rock and roll legend Rat Salad. This is Mr Salads only recorded mix ever, and his first public appearance in 15 years. After his band broke up, and his bandmate Jose ended up as a crack dealer in San Antonio, Rat Salad has been busy drinking Mødd, fighting and constantly finding himself on the wrong side of the law.

We still wait in excitment for Rat Salads unreleased record, so in the meantime you can enjoy his special mix, a raw blend of Rat Salads favourite heavy, rock and punk records ever! You can even find one of his own recordings here.
This is a smashing session that will make you wanna freak out and riff like a man! Totally freakin' awesome!

Or to use Rat Salads own words of wisdom "Eat Shit and Die!"

Hope you'll enjoy!


Trushmix 34: Massimiliano Pagliara

A big welcome to another new Trushmixer: Massimiliano Pagliara!

Originally from Lecce in Italy, Pagliara now lives in Berlin, where he DJs and produces his special blend of house/disco on old analogue machines. After debuting on Daniel Wang's Balihu in 2008, he has released on acclaimed labels such as Rush Hour, Meakusma and Needwant. Last year he released his debut album, the absolutely brilliant "Focus For Infinity" on Live At Robert Johnson. If you haven' t already bought it, go stand in the corner.

TRUSHMIX 34 isn't for the dancefloor – this is a mainly ambient mix, showing Pagliara's love for analogue synths, quirky sounds and a dark cosmic mood. One could say this is the perfectly compiled dreamy soundtrack for this year's fall. Enjoy and dream on.


Trushmix 33: Prins Thomas

We are very happy to introduce a new trushmixer: Prins Thomas! Norwegian cosmic disco renegade, DJ extraordinaire and all around nice guy. His Trushmix is an older mix recorded at Club Module in Tokyo, all the way back in 2006. Starting off in an easy going manner, it slowly starts moving into the worlds of cosmic sounds, disco, balearic and krautrock, peaking with some house sounds towards the end. Sit back, relax and enjoy.


Trushmix 32: Brian Not Brian

From the island carrying the myths and true talents of proper digging culture we hereby present Brian Not Brian, a leftfield junky, cheap-bin crate digger and top selector. Not only is Brian Not Brian what we here in Norway call a typical dance-music-lover with the taste for odd excursions, he's also the UK-left-hand and under-the-radar-distributor for Sex Tags related records in London's underground stores. We welcome you to Brian Not Brian's first 60 minutes for Trushmix, a selection of the 7000+ records he had, yes had...


Trushmix 31: Finn Johannsen

Trush guest of the week is none other than Finn Johannsen, again! With another beautiful reggae and dub session. No need for further introduction here, but as always digging deep in he's massive collection of rare goodies on 7", just to give you the perfect mix before summer ends. Music from the top as always!


Trushmix 30: Sunday 00

We hereby present one of the more unknown series from the Sex Tags camp; mixtapes recorded in Bergen every Sunday of 2004/2005, this being Sunday 00 as the cassette has nothing else than "Sunday" written on it. A 45 minute sonic peak into the end of a week about 7-8 years ago.


Trushmix 29: Madteo

Queens NY's only Madteo with yet another splendid trushmix of $1 wax and ultra fresh gems - so new they haven't even hit the stores yet. As many of his previous mixes there's a blend of not-too-dusty-but-still-overlooked disco from the 80's and 90's, chugging Detroit house, local obscurities and of course the occasional classic.
Enjoy these 79 minutes mixed in 85 degree hot NYC by this one of a kind digger while you wait for the brand new 12inch WANIA-11372 featuring none other than - Madteo himself.


Trushmix 28: Dynamo Dresen

A big welcome to our newest Trushmixer, Acido Records head honcho Dynamo Dresen!

Based in the mountains of Italy, Dresen makes regular trips to Berlin to go into the studio with his longtime production partner SVN, recording together under the name Dresvn. This has resulted in several appearances on labels like Sex Tags Mania, Wania and of course Dresen's own brainchild: ACIDO Records. His label has been releasing experimental electronic sounds on wax since 2004, and has just reached it's tenth release with "You Always Have Been The Caretaker" by Transilvanian Galaxi. Check it out and buy it at Hardwax now!!!

Dynamo Dresen's mix is a varied selection of quality electronic music, starting off with some experimental sounds, slowly building up to a full-on house and techno workout. Peaktime!


Trushmix 27: Jonny Rock

Jonny Rock is back, serving up another tasty selection of vintage house trax! A full hour of proper HOUSE, packed with secret weapons from the vaults of Jonny Rock. Chicago sounds for the body and soul!

Previous Trushmixes by Jonny Rock:


Trushmix 26: DJ Sotofett

After eight long months, it's about time we post a new mix from DJ Sotofett! DJ Sotofett has been a busy man lately – producing new tracks, DJing and firing out those under-the-radar 12" releases that seem so hard to get your hands on. Word is that he has some interesting new things coming up, including some smashing new trax with none other than Madteo on vocals! Soon to find in a record store near you. Also, for all of you that still are on the search for Sotofett's mailorder only record Bhakti Crew, keep on looking, it's out there somewhere …

This time, DJ Sotofett has put together an eclectic mix that'll challenge your senses – from house via dubby deepness to full-on 80's pop bangers, all stringed together in Sotofett's raw, leftfield style. Tune in!

You can check out DJ Sotofett's previous Trushmix here: 


Trushmix 25: Finn Johannsen – Part 2

Finn Johannsen should need no introduction. A few weeks we posted the first part of his mammoth 8-hour reggae session – and here is finally part 2! Four more hours of reggae music from the top of Jamaica!
If you haven't already listened to one, check it out here:


Trushmix 24: SVN

A warm welcome back to Berlin's SVN! A few months ago he blew us away with Trushmix 12, an atmospheric mix of experimental ambient soundscapes. Never predictable, he now follows up with a proper oldschool junglist drum and bass session from his underground headquarters at Neues Deutschland. Check it! And don't forget to be on the look out for exciting new releases from this guy – busy as always producing gold from the underground!

Check out SVN's previous Trushmix here:


Trushmix 23: Phillip Lauer

A warm welcome to our Trushmixer of the week: Phillip Lauer! From his headquarters at Pyramide studios in the heart of Frankfurt, he's been firing out dancefloor rockets for over a decade!! Many people will know him as a member of Arto Mwambe, who have created waves with their releases on labels like Live At Robert Johnson and Brontosaurus, and are widely known for giving one of the best live performances around! If you haven't heard their Live at Robert Johnson CD, make sure to do so – you need this in your life!!!

What you also need to hear, is Lauer's forthcoming album on Running Back, and of course: Lauer's Trushmix!!!! An hour long, this is a disco-house infusion that is sure to get your blood pumping!!!

Yes it is!!!!!!!!!!!



Trushmix 22: L.A. Morillo

A brand new Trushmix from L.A. Morillo – house and techno is the name of the game. Old and new, from soothing disco-tinged smoothness to pure raw machine mayhem, and even a couple of unreleased future classics from Dj Sotofett. Like it!


Trushmix 21: Finn Johannsen – Part 1

Finn Johannsen is a man whose life is filled with music – a DJ since the mid-80's, he has built up an impressive record collection and a vast knowledge of everything music. Not just house or techno, but MUSIC, something that gives him a rare quality as a DJ: the ability to make any type of track work in a Dj set.

He is also a writer for a range of publications and websites such as de:bug, Groove and Resident Advisor, and make sure to check out his website http://finn-johannsen.de/ for great articles, interviews, mixes and info about where you can catch him DJing. Some of you may also have run into him at Hardwax, where he pushes vinyl to Berliners and techno tourists who have made their pilgrimage to this holy church of techno.

Trying to descibe Finn Johannsen's Trushmix with words would almost be an insult – this is one of those instances where you just have to hear it to believe it. What we can tell you though, is that the mix is based on a foundation of reggae, and that it clocks in at just over FOUR HOURS – and that's just the first part! Part two will be posted soon – until then, have a crack at Trushmix 21: Finn Johannsen. DIG IN AND FREAK OUT!


Trushmix 20: DJ Fett Burger

Sex Tags Mania's own DJ Fett Burger is back with his first mix of the year – a dirty and proper house and techno session, straight from the underground! A varied collection of old and the newest of the new music on vinyl out there – even two unreleased tracks from the mysterious project XI (according to rumors, a new XI 12" is planned, but where and when, only time will tell). Keep on looking for the rare and good stuff out there. It's a piece of smile!


Trushmix 19: Mamma's Hand

This Trush-issue comes from Mamma's Hand - a mysterious Italian, armed with a collection of amazing disco records. Not much is known and little is to be said - except that if you're lucky, and have your ears in the right place you can catch him at random occasions in bars (or maybe that's only one bar) in the north of Italy … Trushmix 19 is beautifully crafted in a way that only an Italian can do it. Enjoy!


Trushmix 18: Jonny Rock

Jonny Rock aka the Oldschool Rider is back with a brand new Trushmix! As always, it has that special Jonny Rock sound of vintage house flavours – proper house music for the body and soul. A full hour of oldschool party house trax that will have you jacking your body in no time! Jonny Rock will make you dance for him!


Trushmix 17: Don Papa

Don Papa, the hip hop godfather of Moss, Norway, gives us this week's Trushmix. A very special blend of old school hip hop, dub, reggae and some obscure tracks by the Don himself. A mix made with love, passion and crazy mixing in the true spirit of Don Papa's eccentric self proclaimed hip hop style.

Don Papa has been a leading figure in the underground hip hop community of Moss for two decades, starting his career as a breakdancer and graffiti writer in the mid 80's, and soon moving into music production.

Don Papa is constantly pushing the boundaries of hip hop – his approach to the genre is often experimental, his tracks not always hip hop in the traditional sense. One moment ambient soundscapes, the next deep house flavors, but to Don Papa, it's all hip hop.

Don Papa has also moved into the world of dub and reggae, and has released several 7" together with the Moss based reggae dub group Kambo Super Sound.

Check out Don Papas releases on Sex Tags Mania and Amfibia. And enjoy Trushmix 17 – hip hop in the vision of Don Papa!


Trushmix 16: Zinghabon

Zinghabon came to Norway in a green shipping container in the early 80s. Now settled in a cave under Vanntårnet in Moss Norway, he works as a gardener in the daytime and spends the nights talking to his dog Larry and meditating. Zinghabon rarely lets anyone record his sets, as he fears this will steal his soul, but we have managed to convince him to give us a mix.

Trushmix 16 showcases his taste for spaced-out leftfield music; a mix of obscurities and classics, ranging from krautrock to disco. This will take you on a strange musical journey from Moss to Mars. Sit back and enjoy the ride!
Trushmix 16: Zinghabon by TRUSHMIX


Trushmix 15: L.A. Morillo

New year, new trushmixes! After a short break during Christmas we're back with regular updates. L.A. Morillo kicks off the new year with a mix that focuses on early 90's US house. Heavy kickdrums, saxophones, pianos and cheerful vocals – perfect if you need a bit of an energy boost on those dark winter nights. Keep on trushin'!
Trushmix 15: L.A. Morillo by TRUSHMIX