Trushmix 97 - Jayda G

Jayda G is back on trushmix for this year's last mix session!
She gives us a great party infused power mix to end this year on a high note.
Expect some smashing disco tunes that has become her trademark as a DJ, some US house vibes plus some fine RNB sounds to keep the mix smooth and sexy.
Get ready to dance and get down all night long! This is it!

Happy xxx-mas and a good new year! Tune in and tune out!
More to come next year!

In the mean time this mix is IT!


Trushmix 96 - I:Cube

Proudly presenting one of Paris' long-going underdog-selectors: Trushmix 97 by I:Cube – Versatile Records corner stone and OG provider of fine French House. Those familiar with I:Cube’s output the last 20 years shouldn’t be surprised by the reminisce of 70/80’s production techniques and dreamy harmonies in this mix of Dub, Pop, Balearic, Obscure Electronics and beyond. All segued into 80 minutes plus, for your enjoyment!


Trushmix 95 - Wael X

One of Melbourne's finest gives us a rare treat in this edition of Trushmix number 95.
Wael-X part of the Inner Vanrika crew and underground promoter and DJ has put together a
massive percussive deep vibe mix. Spanning from exotic Lebanese and Arabic drum work outs to Hip-Hop, 80's sounds, house and deep to ravey Techno.
This mix has the surprises, the sound and the vibe. Buckle up for a one hour and thirty minutes of deep direct outer-national sounds from Wael-X.



Trushmix 94 - Even Tuell

Welcome to the 94th edition of Trushmix. This weeks guest is Workshop's own Even Tuell.
He recorded a diverse mix spanned over 1 hour and 22 minutes. The mix starts with some experimental sounds and goes into jazz, ragga, techno, house, balearic, rock, pop and more. A genuine and exiting journey through some marginal sounds to the very familiar parts of modern music history.

Check out the mix, enjoy and get into the zone.


Trushmix 93: DJ Sotofett

Trushmix 93: Live recording of DJ Sotofett's set at the Graff et Grill 2016 afterparty in Moss. After a full day of BBQ'ing, music and graffiti outdoors we enjoyed some additional 6 hours of funk, disco, dub, reggae, house and true Moss B-Boy classics in the basement of Kambo Super before the party was shut down by the cops.
Big shout out to Manoot for recording with a mic placed in the kitchen – and also to Kambo Super Sound for providing their fully grown homemade sound system all day outside and till the early morning inside.
Moss Massive!


Trushmix 92: Skatebård

Skatebård is finally back in the mix at Trush. Skatebård hasn't been visiting Trush since mix number six. So we thought it was time to get the good friend with the big red beard back. This time it is a mix live recorded during a party at Platform 4 in Aalborg, the mix was recorded during Skatebårds appearance the 26th of August 2016.
In the mix you can expect some 80's italo infused house, techno to rave and of course some smashing italo classics. Get ready for a real party mix by mister Skatebård!



Trushmix 91: Jex Opolis

We welcome Good Timin man Jex Opolis straight outta New York via Toronto!
Trushmix 91 is finally here!
Jex recorded one hour and thirty minutes of some good groovy late summer vibes. The sun is still shining (at least here) and we still wanna dance. This mix has the perfect
vibe for it. Old school Chicago house sounds, some 80's infused disco groovers, house and 80 synthesizer soul. Get on the dance train before summer is over. This mix will keep you smile and in a good mood.
Enjoy and have fun!


Trushmix 90: Øyvind Morken

Trushmix number 90! Øyvind Morken is back again on trush, and it is great to have him back! Mr Morken gives us a one hour and one minute of disco infused selectors mix, which includes some 80 vibes, some african sounds and some heavy drumming and percussion tracks to keep the spirit of the night up and going! A true mid week good vibe mix, to help you forget the dull monotony of being stuck in traffic for example. And keeps you dreaming of the essential hours of the best mid week local discotheque, that is so good that you know you want to come back over and over again. So hopefully this is the mix that gonna keep you out of everyday boredom for a while.

Also be sure to check out Morkens playing favourites on web:
(great sticker on his record shelve by the way)


Enjoy the mix!


Trushmix 89: Luca Lozano

Trushmix 89! Luca Lozano is back again on trush, and we are happy to have him back!
This time Mr Lozano gives us one hour of chill out, relaxing and and mostly down tempo music for the come down after the summer parties.
Good vibes, and an nice exploration into the calmer atmospheric electronic sounds of the 70's-80's and 90's. A feel good mix for the early mornings or Sundays. The perfect start of a new day!

Make sure you don't miss Lozano's projects. Always a new record, tape or some artwork provided to the world. Rumours say a new record of his is on the way, and there is always some artwork for the collectors out there to grab.

Be on the look out!

Enjoy the mix!


Trushmix 88: Bwise

Trushmix 88! Back in the house, this time with special aussie mate guest Bwise, straight outta Melbourne! Bwise one of the main players behind Australia's number one underground festival Inner Varnika. Making sure vibes are 100% every year in the rural area of Victoria.
Bwise made a stylish street soul mix for this summer edition of trush. Sexy, smooth and  with that 90's feel. A relaxing atmospheric mix for them summer evenings and nights.

Enjoy mates:)


Trushmix 87 - Finn Johannsen

After a bit of a too long break on Trushmix we are finally back! This time once again our regular reggae and dub man, Finn Johannsen on Trushmix 87. Finn is back again with style as always, and will make sure his excellent reggae and dub selection will treat you well this summer. The perfect dub injection you'll need in the summer heat!



Trushmix 86 - Sleep D

Trushmix 86 welcomes Sleep D straight outta Frankston, Melbourne.
The Butter sessions boys made a trushmix to make you dance and shake your ass
now that summer comes around (in Europe).
Check this two hours of percussive house, bouncing techno and vibey tunes mixed together by the boys down under.

Rumours say they'll soon be on a Euro tour, to spread their music, live and direct and with turntables in the mix. Have your ears and eyes open, and you'll catch them.
Also always be on the look out for new releases on Butter Sessions. Always active, serving you with some fine vinyl from down under.

Rumors also say FB and a friend will have a new record out on Butter Sessions soon, time will only tell.

In the mean time, enjoy this mix to the full! Sleep D in the mix!



Trushmix 85 - Kokk N Roll

In our 85th edition of Trushmix we welcome back Kokk N Roll. This time with an over two hour session of inspiration. The selector hits us hard this time with a well
selected and curated mix of rare songs, grooves and rhythms from the African continent, with a heavy focus on the western part. All original records, therefor also the sometimes ruff sound, but with the additional charm and character it is with old well used records.

It's a musical journey through countries such as Senegal, Mali, Guinea, Nigeria, Ghana, Congo and Benin. And we will explore the musically diversity the collector has to offer us from these countries. Get ready for some Mbalax, Afro Mandingue, Afro Cuban, Afro Rock and some Psych. Plus a heavy dose of some spiritual vibes.

Enjoy Kokk N Roll's journey into the the groove from Africa.

Love is the message, music has no boundaries.


Trushmix 84 - Bjørn Torske

Finally we can welcome Bjørn Torske to trushmix in our 84th edition. We have been waiting a long time to get a mix from the Norwegian par excellence house music maestro. And now it's here! An almost two hour long house-acid-techno-disco to Sheila E session from the Torske man. Bliss mix for all the true heads and party goers out there who enjoy great music. Torske, a stayer in the underground game, a true DJ by heart and excellent selector who knows what it's about. And he prowess it all in this mix!

Be on the look out for the man coming to a town near you to spin records. Always a pleasure and a full on musically experience. Also always check out Torskes productions, new and old. Original and with so much personality like few others out there. 

As always plus a bit more. This is it!


Trushmix 83 - P Relief

Trushmix 83 back in the groove! This time with special guest, P Relief straight outta Altadena, California. From the sunny side of the west coast comes a vibey positive house mix straight for your brain. In the car on your way home in the endless traffic, if you pull out the power from the sound system at a party or just getting ready for a HOUSE party! This is the mix.
We welcome P Relief!

If you're in Berlin this weekend make sure to catch P Relief live and direct behind the decks with good buddy PLO Man at Sameheads in the basement as usual.

Enjoy and party hard!


Trushmix 82 - DJ Fett Burger

DJ Fett Burger is once again coming home. Trushmix 82 another previously released mix
on internet. Now it is time to get the mix home where it belongs. Trushmix!
In this 82nd edition DJ Fett Burger has made a mix including various of genres mixed in a special ruff around the edges eclectic burger way. House music is also something you can hear, so be prepared for freak outs for the crowd who likes the late hours of the night. This mix is also a musical shout out to a lot of the talented friends and fellow producers who have their sound in the mix. And as a bonus, some released and unreleased burger joints.

The Burger man is happy to be back on trushmix again. Hope you all enjoy the it.

Peace and love!

Public announcement:
For the record collectors out there.
Freakout Cult 01 is repressed and the record has hit the streets again, so get it while you can. Also new Mongo Fett record will be out soon. Watch out!


Trushmix 81 -DJ Suhaid

First mix at Trushmix this year is by DJ Suhaid straight outta Budapest, Hungary.
We are happy he could make a mix for us, and showing some real deal selection skills.
DJ Suhaid kicks of this new year with an eclectic Deejay selectors session. Almost two hours of obscure, well picked obscurities from far and close, east meets west, slow meets fast.
Old 7" from former eastern Europe, russian obscurities, turkish funk and disco, UK style beats, and house life rhythms, old and new, you name it and get it. Hope this mix keeps your ears open and your mind tuned into the unknown. Music has no boundaries. So keep it real. This mix definitely does, a perfect start for this new year!