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Trushmix 161- Coral D

Trushmix 161 on the roll! This time Coral D in the mix! A newcomer in our mix series, and he delivers a smashing one hour and fifty minute free flowing dub session. Quality vibe all the way, perfect for the slow day mood this summer! Highly enjoyable listening!
Music from the top!


Trushmix 160: Gilb'R

Trushmix 160 present no other than Gilb'R, the man behind the legendary long running label Versatile Records. A true stayer in the game of DJ'ing and underground music! We are very happy to finally have him back for a mix at Trush again!

Here we got one hour selection from Gilb'R, touching into different moods and genres, experimental sounds, grooves, vibes old and modern. Shifting the mood with his flawless mixing flow.
A true mix to enjoy in the now very hot summer days and night!

Enjoy this mix and let the music spread the good vibes, peace, respect, unity and better days for all of us!


Trushmix 159 - Brian Not Brian

Brian not Brian, is back with us on Trushmix!
The London based style DJ from the top and record digger of excellence hasn't been showing his muscles here for a while, and finally he is back on track! His selection, always exciting, as always, varies in tempo, style and mood, not bound to one genre as always, keeping it real 4 you!

Another mix from the to from the Going Good man!

Enjoy everybody!


Trushmix 158: PST

PST is back again on Trushmix for an annual mix session. Good vibes and feel the spring in the air. A two hour plus dubbed out selection, ending on a dance in the disco party mood, to get you in the right kind of feeling in a strange kind of time!

Get ready for a treat!

Music from the top!



Trushmix 157: Yuzo Iwata

Berlin based original Sapporo man Yuzo Iwata is on Trushmix for number 157. A smooth blend of various feel good music, vintage, electronix, disco, percussive, some exercise routines, house music for your brain and some birds singing through most of the mix. A personal reference to acid trips during day, and in general a great vibe providing element in a mix!
A good mood mix all over, perfect for the spring and soon summer to come in this very strange time and situation we are in now!

Music form the top, to cheer you up, and give you that spring feeling!



Trushmix 156: Sick Pope

Trushmix 156 presents a new guy in town. Sick Pope is the name, and Pacman Output is his label.
Thunderous Sick Pope with his frenetic, hard and stabbing techno gabs solidly provided on a string of solo releases and featured guests of honour. Hit it hard, hit it fast. Sick Pope has been in hyper production mode lately, four EP's made and put out in one week! He can best be described as a musical equivalence to a hardcore graffiti bomber, sophistication is not the game here, it's straight inna face all over the place. No limits!

Check here for Sick Pope's latest releases and other stuff!


Get psycho!


Trushmix 155: Finn Johannsen

Trushmix 155. Finn Johannsen's yearly contribution on Trushmix.
After years of exposing the listeners to his wast quality collection of Jamaican music, reggae, dub, dancehall and other rhythms from the caribbean Island. Finn has now switched it up. One era is over a new one is about to begin! From now on it will be soul! Hours of beautiful soul music, it will be!
Please welcome Finn's new soul sound on Trush!

Enjoy and let the music take you to positive and inspiring places in uncertain and strange times like we are in at the moment.

Keep the spirit high! Soul for your body and mind!



Trushmix 154:Prime Radiant

Prime Radiant is on for Trushmix 154. Our obscure friend from Moss Norway, and a second hand record shop master digger. Looking for good, vibes and sometimes very rare grooves, on an almost daily basis. With a huge record collection, not caught up by any trends or hype, just a selection of personal taste and quality tunes.

In this mix, a 55 min trip into slow grooves beats, trip hop vibes, 90 ´s chill out and touch of the organic sounds. A perfect mix for chilling out, listening and to go deep into the space!

Music form top as always!


Trushmix 153: LNS

For Trushmix 153 LNS is back in the mix! Always happy to have her back! A regular here in our mix series, with always quality and a on top of the game track selection and mixing, with a taste for the sophisticated approach. House, electro and techno is the style, deep, old-school and melodic. Another mix from the top!
Enjoy this mix in full effect!


Trushmix 152: SVN

For Trushmix 152 we have the unique talent of SVN back.
The SUED label man and prolific Neues Deutschland producer, should now be familiar with most of the Trushmix listeners. SVN's last mix was nothing but mind-blowing, and this time he follows up! An excellent and stylish blend of older techno and house flawlessly put together with the hand and mind of a true taste maker!

Music form the top!