Trushmix 147: Kompressorkanonen

Oslo underground man Kompressorkanoen is back again on Trushmix.
Another spot on mix from the avid record collector, passionate music head and under the radar secret party DJ!

This is another full on energy mix, techno, electro, acid, jungle and some classy rave elements. Mostly obscure old-school records. Mixed with 100 % style and amazing energy level! This is a mix for the books!

Enjoy another mix from the very top!

Rock it!


Trushmix 146: Tatjana

For Trushmix it's a real pleasure to have Tatjana back again. For her third Trush instalment she has made a pure 90's jungle and drum and bass mix. Non stop and pure quality from beginning till the end!

This mix is massive form an experienced collector and DJ!

Roll it from the top!

Enjoy Massive!


Trushmix 145. Mark Murphy

Trushmix 145 presents Mark Murphy straight outta Dublin!
The Flipside man serves up a house mix ready to go!
Over one hour of house music is life, that is the message.
Get ready for a vibey way to start your weekend!

Music form the top!


Dublin 23.08.19 Mark Murphy together with DJ Fett Burger will play
at Hang Dai in Dublin all night long. Come early, very limited tickets!
Do not miss out, or you miss out!


Trushmix 144: SJ Tequilla presents Teknobusker with Aaty Live

Trushmix 144 this time a live set, with SJ Tequilla's project Teknobusker.
A one hour live Acid session recorded at OHM 12.07.19 at the Grafiti Tapes party in Berlin.

Teknobusker is a acid project, where SJ Tequilla together with good friend Aaty do sporadic outdoor live sessions on the streets and subway stations of Berlin. Raw  303, 606 plus EFX and a lot of passion inn the mix!
This recording is their first club gig to date! And will  to be the last!

Check out some videos of Teknobusker live here:

Can you handle the Acid in the streets?


SJ Tequillas new 12" will be out on Shot OF T the next week!
SOT 303 will be in good record stores near you and online!
Bu sure not to miss it!


Trushmix 134: Ollie Koponen

Trushmix 143 this time with special guest from Helsinki. Record digger, house music spotter, DJ and nice guy Ollie Koponen! Providing a four hour mix for trush. A listening experience from beginning till the end. Easygoing start, old-school house, house, into a more early progressive and to trance sound, and ending on a high funky note.
Mr Koponen is always the man to spot the obscure house records when I meet him, and always a pleasure to exchange record and musical knowledge with him.
A perfect mix to give you the surprises and summer fun!
Music from the top once again!


Trushmix 142 - Camdaze

Trushmix 142 back on track. This time San Francisco resident Camdaze, part of party crew Bruhaha and local to local DJ.
Also the man who saved the Burger man big time with NY friends and living in the night connection. Massive!
Here, an hour plus mix into the groove from the SF man. House music with a mellow touch, a west coast thing some would say. Perfect for a evening listen, for a car ride, or even when working on a computer!
Enjoy to the top!


Trushmix 141: Finn Johannsen

Finn Johannsen is back on Trush for his yearly dub, reggae, dancehall and Jamaican musical exursion! Better than good as always. Over five hours to enjoy from beginning till the end!
Music from the top as always!