Trushmix 79: LNS

This weeks Trushmix! LNS, homegirl straight out of the Vancouver East of Hastings underground! Another special excellent crafted mix. LNS digs deep into the ambient vibed techno tracks, with some additional machine funk fused cuts! This mix gets you into the groove and keeps it real for all the heads out there.
Keep your eyes and ears open for LNS the new and talented addition to Canada's West Coast
take over. She will be out with her first release soon, so keep on looking, and keep the underground vibes 4 real!


Trushmix 78: Roland Lifjell

With those sharp snares and 16-step hi-hats Trushmix 78 enters a somewhat 15 year old mix from the vault by Roland Lifjell - one of the finest underground techno/trance/ambient pioneers and old school DJ’s from Norway. On this mix he flexes his electro muscle - a side step to his usually thriving deep and adventurous techno mixes – this besides of running Filter Musikk – the one and only record shop in Norway still selling (new and old) House & Techno on vinyl and in spirit. FILTER MUSIKK: Skippergata 33, 0154 Oslo, Norway.


Trushmix 77: Dj Sotofett

Trushmix 77: A live recorded mix by DJ Sotofett from September 19th 2015 at the excellent basement club Putte’s Bar & Pizza in Helsinki, Suomi. Five hour organic evolution of jazz, afro, funk with a pinch of reggae & blues, as well as disco and real house music – of course with essential Finnish and Norwegian classics - released and unreleased.

Kiitos: Antto @ Putte’s & Harri @ Keys of Life for organizing, and Tommi @ Sähkö for recording and live human-compression.

Also thanks to Geir Tore Holm, Tanya Busse, Mental Overdrive, Jet Pascua, Robel Temesgen and Doc L. Junior for organizing Fughetta opening & after party the day before in Tromsø.


Trushmix 76: Finn Johannsen

Trushmix 76 brings back Finn Johannsen, the man needs no further introduction here on Trush. With his regular appearances of splendid reggae and dub mix from the top! The collector and selector gives us another three hour and more of joyful rhythms and dubs from the Jamaican Island. No need for more talk! Sit back and enjoy this mix like it should be!


Trushmix 75: Øyvind Morken

Trushmix 75 presents a one hour leftfield ride with Oslo Norway and Full Pupp’s more-than-once-a-week resident disk-jockey Øyvind Morken. As his early evening warm up sets this dreamy, traveling and nonchalant selection features laidback bangers, electroid & percussive obscurities and even some rock classics. A solid opportunity to also highlight Øyvind Morken’s launch of his own imprint Moonlighting with first issue “Jungel Erotikk” out in vinyl stores around the globe now!


Trushmix 74: SJ Tequilla

Trushmix 74! SJ Tequila from Tokyo/Osaka Japan via Berlin is the man of this years early summer. With his deep vibe smooth US house mix it sets the standard for a grand summer experience. Excellent deep vibe selection and mixed together in a groovy, stylish and yet  old-school way, where no new track comes in before the end. A whole listening experience far away from much of these days hectic styles out there. This is a mix for smooth chilling, and a party starter as well.
From the top to the top!


Trushmix 73: Mamma's Hand

Underground Italian tastemaker and selector Mamma's Hand is back again on Trushmix! This makes us very happy, because he selected a very fine blend of varied music from all over the place. Experimental, jazz, finnish, 80's, disco, house, techno and more.
Come and join Mamma's Hands special musical trip into the unknown! Another fine mix from the top! Enjoy!