Trushmix 138: PST

Trushmix 138 with Porn Sword Tobacco in the mix! A one hour special music quality trip by the Swedish producer, hardware studio man, record collector and selector.
A maximum vibe mix, genre blending experience. Dub, roots, old-school dance hall, funk, oriental sounds, disco, jungle and more. Never predictable, always exciting and quality from beginning till the end.

Music from the top by a top guy!
In the mix!



Trushmix 137: Paula Tape

For Trushmix 137 we welcome Paula Tape! Chilean now Milano based artist and DJ has made an one hour and two minute slo-mo, eighties, chugging to the left keep the energy high and dance to the house mix, for this edition of trush! This makes it a perfect mix to play every day a week, especially before the house party starts, and also good for a groove now that the spring kicks in on this side of the planet.

Music from the top as always! Check it out for real!


May the 3rd 2019!

Paula Tape alongside Kennedy and Fett B will play the one and same party at Claire in Amsterdam. Be sure to get your tickets now, so you don't miss out, or else you'll start to cry!

3rd of May
Claire in Amsterdam!


Trushmix 136: Kennedy

Trushmix 136 in the house! Amsterdam's own Kennedy dishes up a nice one hour down to the chill-organic percussive to house mix. A great way to start this week. No blue Monday just house Monday! It will make you feel good and give energy!

Kennedy has his regular show at Red light Radio in Amsterdam, plays wax at Redlight Light Records check that out, and a full time member of the Music for Memory crew, also he is producing music, that will be out on wax and DJ'ing regular around the clubs and pubs!

A real pleasure!

Music form the top! Hope you enjoy!


Trushmix 135: Amichay Matyas

Trushmix 135 with special guest Amichay. Tel Aviv's own in the mix for two hours! Mr Amichay, behind the label Bauhaus, and just ended his ten year long residency at the Bloc. Now operating around different venues, and in the mix like a proper resident DJ in the house!
I had the pleasure to play after him and meet him in Tbilisi, then he offered a pure down to earth perfectly live mixed house set.
On Trush, he delivers a real proper balearic set, early nineties grooves, street soul, hip hop infused tunes, and some dash of house, plus more. Easy going, laid back, and groovy.

Thanks for another great mix on Trush!
Music from the top as always!


Trushmix 134: Double Dancer

Trushmix 134 with Rebound Lounge boy Double Dancer!

Happy to have him here for his first ever Trushmix entry. It comes in shape of a live recording from the excellent Tuff Disco party at Noon in Osaka 13th October 2018. This was the last stop of the Underground tour in Japan together with  SJ Tequilla and DJ Fett Burger.

A fast full on party mix so hold on to your hat. Good vibes all the way and party lasted all night and more. Go fast or go home! Or as they say in Japan! Psychooooooooooo!

Party music form the top! Enjoy!


This Thursday Moist Liquid Sunrise with DJ Fett Burger and Double Dancer
at Paloma in Belin. In residence all night long with the best music possible!
Be sure not to miss out.

Moist Liquid Sunrise
With DJ Fett Burger and Double Dancer
Thursday 28th of February 2019
Paloma, Berlin


Trushmix 133: DJ Candle In THe Wind

Trushmix 133 with no other than original underground mastermind DJ Candle In The Wind, from Helsinki Finland! We are very happy to have him in the mix! As
always truly original style with more personality then any others out there.
Mr Candle or as he is better known as Vilunki 3000, has been heavy involved in and in the forefront of almost everything in Helsinki's underground scene the last 20 years. Multiple bands, Radio shows at Radio Helsinki, and not to forget an endless amount of design work, posters, flyers, record sleeves magazines, T-shirts etc.
Voted as designer of the year in Finland in 2017. And with out doubt one of the worlds absolute best and most original visual designers ever! With his truly unique style, drawings and humor, a lot based in local community and the Finish language. An uttermost inspirational artist in every way. 1000% and more.

In the mix, a live recording from Tanner Bar in Helsinki, half of the mix made without proper working headphones. Sliding through genres and styles, a lot of Finish music, and obscure tunes. A special listening experience for sure.

1000% and more! Roll it! From the top of the pops!



Trushmix 132: Vakho

Trushmix 132. With Vakho!
The man know for operating the Tbilisi based multi operation, label and record-store Vodkast. Spreading the good vibes and connecting Tbilisi's underground music scene with the rest of the world.
He made a great selected mix for us here at Trush. Starting off easygoing and transfers into deep organic, esoteric wave based modern to old disco in house. With a slow chug vibration in the mix.

An absolute listening experience for a great start to an amazing night.

Check it out folks!


Saturday 2nd of February.
Vodkast Records party in Tbilisi.
Vakho, Zurkin and DJ Fett Burger in the mix
At Bassiani, Horoom

Be there and not be square!