Trushmix 84 - Kokk N Roll

In our 85th edition of Trushmix we welcome back Kokk N Roll. This time with an over two hour session of inspiration. The selector hits us hard this time with a well
selected and curated mix of rare songs, grooves and rhythms from the African continent, with a heavy focus on the western part. All original records, therefor also the sometimes ruff sound, but with the additional charm and character it is with old well used records.

It's a musical journey through countries such as Senegal, Mali, Guinea, Nigeria, Ghana, Congo and Benin. And we will explore the musically diversity the collector has to offer us from these countries. Get ready for some Mbalax, Afro Mandingue, Afro Cuban, Afro Rock and some Psych. Plus a heavy dose of some spiritual vibes.

Enjoy Kokk N Roll's journey into the the groove from Africa.

Love is the message, music has no boundaries.


Trushmix 84 - Bjørn Torske

Finally we can welcome Bjørn Torske to trushmix in our 84th edition. We have been waiting a long time to get a mix from the Norwegian par excellence house music maestro. And now it's here! An almost two hour long house-acid-techno-disco to Sheila E session from the Torske man. Bliss mix for all the true heads and party goers out there who enjoy great music. Torske, a stayer in the underground game, a true DJ by heart and excellent selector who knows what it's about. And he prowess it all in this mix!

Be on the look out for the man coming to a town near you to spin records. Always a pleasure and a full on musically experience. Also always check out Torskes productions, new and old. Original and with so much personality like few others out there. 

As always plus a bit more. This is it!


Trushmix 83 - P Relief

Trushmix 83 back in the groove! This time with special guest, P Relief straight outta Altadena, California. From the sunny side of the west coast comes a vibey positive house mix straight for your brain. In the car on your way home in the endless traffic, if you pull out the power from the sound system at a party or just getting ready for a HOUSE party! This is the mix.
We welcome P Relief!

If you're in Berlin this weekend make sure to catch P Relief live and direct behind the decks with good buddy PLO Man at Sameheads in the basement as usual.

Enjoy and party hard!


Trushmix 82 - DJ Fett Burger

DJ Fett Burger is once again coming home. Trushmix 82 another previously released mix
on internet. Now it is time to get the mix home where it belongs. Trushmix!
In this 82nd edition DJ Fett Burger has made a mix including various of genres mixed in a special ruff around the edges eclectic burger way. House music is also something you can hear, so be prepared for freak outs for the crowd who likes the late hours of the night. This mix is also a musical shout out to a lot of the talented friends and fellow producers who have their sound in the mix. And as a bonus, some released and unreleased burger joints.

The Burger man is happy to be back on trushmix again. Hope you all enjoy the it.

Peace and love!

Public announcement:
For the record collectors out there.
Freakout Cult 01 is repressed and the record has hit the streets again, so get it while you can. Also new Mongo Fett record will be out soon. Watch out!


Trushmix 81 -DJ Suhaid

First mix at Trushmix this year is by DJ Suhaid straight outta Budapest, Hungary.
We are happy he could make a mix for us, and showing some real deal selection skills.
DJ Suhaid kicks of this new year with an eclectic Deejay selectors session. Almost two hours of obscure, well picked obscurities from far and close, east meets west, slow meets fast.
Old 7" from former eastern Europe, russian obscurities, turkish funk and disco, UK style beats, and house life rhythms, old and new, you name it and get it. Hope this mix keeps your ears open and your mind tuned into the unknown. Music has no boundaries. So keep it real. This mix definitely does, a perfect start for this new year!


Trushmix 80: Telephones

Telephones is back in the house for Trushmix 80.
A warm welcome to the all round happy underground house comedian.
He fuels all of us with over an hour of warm, danceable,
and good vibed vintage quality house music to warm us all up even more
in this years warm winter.
Great music from beginning till the end!
While making this mix Mr Telephones was fuelled on beer, cigarettes and love, and boy you can hear that! So in other words, another mix from the top, like always here on Trush.

This is it, dance to the house music all day and night!


Trushmix 79: LNS

This weeks Trushmix! LNS, homegirl straight out of the Vancouver East of Hastings underground! Another special excellent crafted mix. LNS digs deep into the ambient vibed techno tracks, with some additional machine funk fused cuts! This mix gets you into the groove and keeps it real for all the heads out there.
Keep your eyes and ears open for LNS the new and talented addition to Canada's West Coast
take over. She will be out with her first release soon, so keep on looking, and keep the underground vibes 4 real!