Trushmix 64: Jonny Rock & Brian Not Brian Part 2

Trushmix 64 gives you part two of the long awaited mix session by london underground diggers and selectors Brian not Brian and Jonny Rock. The last four hour session of an all in all eight hour live session in London. This mix is a trip through soul, funk, rock, disco, eighties, house inspired jams and other perfectly selected goodies for the best possible listening experience.

Sit back relax and enjoy this second session by Brian not Brian and Jonny Rock. London underground selecta style.



Trushmix - 63: Leewok And Curly Waters

After Leewok's last gigantic successful appearance here at Trush last year, the man and the myth straight out of Bristol is back again! This time with long time partner Curley Waters.
This, a live recording from the memorable heydays at Manumission Ibiza back in 1996. Way before it all went too wrong.  The mix has a little bit of all you need.
UK's young talents show of their mixing skills, and show us how it's done these days.
As a bonus for all you deep underground heads out there, Oakie does some shout outs in the mix. Listen carefully!

As a final note, the trushmix crew is now very happy to finally post this mix, it took us only five months this time. But it was worth all the waiting.

Enjoy, listen to the music and have fun!

Peace to the underground, to Ibiza and to Bristol for keeping it realistic.