Trushmix 14: Darkmæn

A new Trushmix, by the mysterious Darkmæn, who prefers to stay in the shadows while letting the music speak for itself. Here he digs deep in his crate and creates a raw mix of mid-school house and techno tracks from the 90's and 00's, ending on a high note with the latest release on Sex Tags Mania – an epic 15-minute freestyling studio session from the top!
Trushmix 14: Darkmæn by TRUSHMIX


Trushmix 13: L.A. Morillo

L.A. Morillo is back with another Trush-session strictly for the heads – and their feet! Kicking off with a track by legendary Norwegian producer Erot before moving on through disco, house and techno, this is one and a half hour of quality tracks new and old. The mix also contains unreleased promo tracks from Wania and Sex Tags UFO that will be released spring 2012. This is it, Trush your body!
Trushmix 13: L.A. Morillo by TRUSHMIX


Trushmix 12: SVN

From SVN's Berlin studio Neues Deutschland comes this beast of a mix – 75 minutes of experimental soundscapes for your listening pleasure. A mostly beatless ambient mix, this is perhaps less dancefloor-friendly than Trushmix's previous offerings, but it's all the more interesting as a listening experience and creates the very special atmospheric mood you'll find in the dark corridors of Neues Deutschland.

In the recent years SVN has had his hand on an impressive amount of interesting quality projects and released records on the same amount of interesting quality labels. SVN is probably mostly known for his collaborations with Dynamo Dresen under their Dresvn moniker with their true analogue atmospheric techno, released on Acido Records, Sex Tags Mania and Wania. Also the AU project together with good friend Daniel Pflumm on General Elektro is something to get your hands on. The music is great, and the hand drawn sleeves are worth your money alone!

TASE, his leftfield electro-pop project together with Japanese Takashi is another mind-blowing listening experience you shouldn't miss out on – and not to forget SVN's own imprint SUED with moody house and techno by SVN and SW, music from the top!

We could go on forever about all of SVN projects, but the conclusion is, he's definitely a guy you should keep your eyes and ears on! True underground spirit as we like it!

Trushmix 12: SVN by TRUSHMIX


Trushmix 11: DJ Fett Burger vs DJ Grillo Wiener

This week, the Trushmix crew's own DJ Fett Burger teams up with his old partner in crime DJ Grillo Wiener. The result is a 126-minute potpourri of genres, reflecting both DJs' particular style - disco, techno, house, krautrock – this mix has it all!

This is it!

Trushmix 11: DJ Fett Burger vs DJ Grillo Wiener by TRUSHMIX


Trushmix 10: Madteo

Another week, another great Trushmix! This week we bring you a mix from Madteo – originally from Italy, but based in Queens, New York, where he spends his time searching for 1$ gold in local flea markets and record shops in between producing brilliant tracks that can be found on quality labels such as Meakusma, Morphine and Workshop. 

Madteo's musical output is diverse and rather difficult to categorize – one moment deep, druggy house, the next smoky hip hop beats, but always with a kind of psychedelic, leftfield touch. His Trushmix is equally difficult to categorize, spanning both genres and decades – Whitney Houston mixed into DJ Sotofett, anyone? This is 75 minutes of eclectic brilliance for your brain AND your feet! Let the madness begin - enjoy Trushmix 10: Madteo!
Trushmix 10: Madteo by TRUSHMIX


Trushmix 09: Iben Elster

This week we bring you a rare treat: a brand new mix from Iben Elster!

Many people know him as one of the resident Djs at legendary Norwegian house club Kennel (alongside Bjørn Torske and Erot), playing weekly at Bergen club Agora.

Digging deep into his vast collection of disco, house and techno, he brings us an eclectic mix that reflects his DJing style: eclectic programming and precise, effective mixing. Clocking in at just over an hour, this is 100% DJ style pleasure from the top!

Last year Iben made an appearance on Sex Tags UFO / Totally as half of duo Kong Oscar – copies are hard to find, though – buy on sight! Watch out for more releases from Iben in the future … in the meantime, enjoy Trushmix 09: Iben Elster!

Trushmix 09: Iben Elster by TRUSHMIX


Trushmix 08: L.A. Morillo

Lars Erik "L.A." Morillo is back with a new Trushmix – an epic oldschool sounding house session strictly for the heads out there. The mix kicks off with classic Chicago sounds before sweeping through pumping 90's New York house, deep Detroit machine funk and raw analogue cuts from Berlin.

Trushmix 08: L.A. Morillo by TRUSHMIX


Trushmix 07: FIT Detroit & DJ Sotofett

We are very pleased to present Trushmix of the week. House of Noise - FIT Detroit's weekly radio show on Viva Radio - original, raw and futuristic music from Detroit and beyond transmitted each week from the FIT HQ. This recording, from April 2011, features FIT and Dj Sotofett live in the mix with tracks from Acido Records, Sex Tags Mania & Amfibia, Börft Records, Restoration Records plus some goodies from the local archive.

Watch out for FIT Sound's new 12" A Drummer From Detroit "Drums #1" (FIT-004) - also be on he look out for the upcoming Sex Tags Mania - "Reson" (MANIA 24) distributed exclusively by FIT Distribution!


Trushmix 06: Skatebård

This week's guest on Trushmix is the one and only Skatebård from Ørsta, Norway! He has just released a new album entitled "Vill Stil", on his own label Digitalo Enterprises. We celebrate this with a brand new mix by Skatebård himself – a 77-minute cavalcade of new and old party killer italo-injected disco tracks from the top! A lot of classics as well as some obscure goodness just to get you in the right mood.

Skatebård has been around for a long time, so his output should be familiar to electronic music lovers all around. His trademark sound varies from emotional italo to pure Chicago and Detroit influenced house and techno. He has released on labels like Digitalo Enterprises, Radius Records, Tellektro, Keys of Life, Totally and Sex Tags Mania/UFO just to name a few, and has a new 12" coming up on Sex Tags Mania plus remixes on Sauroid and Full Pupp, so watch out!

Buy Skatebård's new album "Vill Stil" here!

Trushmix 06: Skatebård by TRUSHMIX


Trushmix 05: DJ Grillo Wiener

Trushmix of the week is by DJ Grillo Wiener, a former hot-dog seller turned DJ residing in Stjå, Norway. This is Grillo Wiener's first official mix since 2009 – a one-hour session of house music, mainly tracks from the 90's. 100% vinyl, pure listening pleasure!

Trushmix 05: DJ Grillo Wiener by TRUSHMIX


Trushmix 04: Jonny Rock

We are proud to present this week's Trushmix by Jonny Rock aka Oldschool Rider from London. He has sent us a fantastic mix in his special style of vintage house sounds, a full hour of oldschool goodness!

Jonny Rock has been involved in house music for a long time, with releases on labels like Music For Freaks, Disco 45 and RKDS. Don't forget to check out his latest releases on W+L Black and Foot & Mouth.

Enjoy Trushmix 04: Jonny Rock!

Trushmix 04: Jonny Rock by TRUSHMIX


Trushmix 03: DJ Sotofett

This week's Trushmix is by DJ Sotofett – straight outta Moss, Norway! DJ Sotofett is known for being the hyperactive half of Sex Tags Mania, and also runs the somewhat obscure techno label Wania. With a 90-minute mix of quality house flavor, recorded to tape, every track is presented in its entire length – pure listening pleasure from start to finish. And don't forget to check out the forthcoming 12inch "DJ Sotofett presenterer Dritfett" out on Wania end of October!

Trushmix 03: DJ Sotofett by TRUSHMIX

Next week: Jonny Rock


Trushmix 02: DJ Fett Burger

DJ Fett Burger, half of the duo behind the Sex Tags Mania imprint and head of the Sex Tags UFO label, introduces this week's Trushmix. A one-hour house session for the body and soul, containing some of Fett Burger's current favourite house cuts from around the globe; from Bergen via Paris, London, New York, Detroit, Berlin, Sweden and back to Norway!

Trushmix 02: DJ Fett Burger by TRUSHMIX


Trushmix 01: Lars Erik Morillo

Welcome to Trushmix.com! We kick off a new series of Trushmixes with a mix by Lars Erik Morillo from Bergen, Norway - an hour-long mix of new and vintage house and techno. Warning: May contain traces of TR-909.

Trushmix 01: Lars Erik Morillo by TRUSHMIX

Next week: DJ Fett Burger