Trushmix 09: Iben Elster

This week we bring you a rare treat: a brand new mix from Iben Elster!

Many people know him as one of the resident Djs at legendary Norwegian house club Kennel (alongside Bjørn Torske and Erot), playing weekly at Bergen club Agora.

Digging deep into his vast collection of disco, house and techno, he brings us an eclectic mix that reflects his DJing style: eclectic programming and precise, effective mixing. Clocking in at just over an hour, this is 100% DJ style pleasure from the top!

Last year Iben made an appearance on Sex Tags UFO / Totally as half of duo Kong Oscar – copies are hard to find, though – buy on sight! Watch out for more releases from Iben in the future … in the meantime, enjoy Trushmix 09: Iben Elster!

Trushmix 09: Iben Elster by TRUSHMIX

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