Trushmix 12: SVN

From SVN's Berlin studio Neues Deutschland comes this beast of a mix – 75 minutes of experimental soundscapes for your listening pleasure. A mostly beatless ambient mix, this is perhaps less dancefloor-friendly than Trushmix's previous offerings, but it's all the more interesting as a listening experience and creates the very special atmospheric mood you'll find in the dark corridors of Neues Deutschland.

In the recent years SVN has had his hand on an impressive amount of interesting quality projects and released records on the same amount of interesting quality labels. SVN is probably mostly known for his collaborations with Dynamo Dresen under their Dresvn moniker with their true analogue atmospheric techno, released on Acido Records, Sex Tags Mania and Wania. Also the AU project together with good friend Daniel Pflumm on General Elektro is something to get your hands on. The music is great, and the hand drawn sleeves are worth your money alone!

TASE, his leftfield electro-pop project together with Japanese Takashi is another mind-blowing listening experience you shouldn't miss out on – and not to forget SVN's own imprint SUED with moody house and techno by SVN and SW, music from the top!

We could go on forever about all of SVN projects, but the conclusion is, he's definitely a guy you should keep your eyes and ears on! True underground spirit as we like it!

Trushmix 12: SVN by TRUSHMIX

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