Trushmix 17: Don Papa

Don Papa, the hip hop godfather of Moss, Norway, gives us this week's Trushmix. A very special blend of old school hip hop, dub, reggae and some obscure tracks by the Don himself. A mix made with love, passion and crazy mixing in the true spirit of Don Papa's eccentric self proclaimed hip hop style.

Don Papa has been a leading figure in the underground hip hop community of Moss for two decades, starting his career as a breakdancer and graffiti writer in the mid 80's, and soon moving into music production.

Don Papa is constantly pushing the boundaries of hip hop – his approach to the genre is often experimental, his tracks not always hip hop in the traditional sense. One moment ambient soundscapes, the next deep house flavors, but to Don Papa, it's all hip hop.

Don Papa has also moved into the world of dub and reggae, and has released several 7" together with the Moss based reggae dub group Kambo Super Sound.

Check out Don Papas releases on Sex Tags Mania and Amfibia. And enjoy Trushmix 17 – hip hop in the vision of Don Papa!

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