Trushmix 35: Rat Salad

We are very proud to present this weeks very special Trushmix, by the notorious and sleazy pub rock and roll legend Rat Salad. This is Mr Salads only recorded mix ever, and his first public appearance in 15 years. After his band broke up, and his bandmate Jose ended up as a crack dealer in San Antonio, Rat Salad has been busy drinking Mødd, fighting and constantly finding himself on the wrong side of the law.

We still wait in excitment for Rat Salads unreleased record, so in the meantime you can enjoy his special mix, a raw blend of Rat Salads favourite heavy, rock and punk records ever! You can even find one of his own recordings here.
This is a smashing session that will make you wanna freak out and riff like a man! Totally freakin' awesome!

Or to use Rat Salads own words of wisdom "Eat Shit and Die!"

Hope you'll enjoy!

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