Trushmix 65: Rat Salad

After several months of healthy creative outbursts, locked up in the studio, rocking their guts out for the new album recordings, Rat and José got a little tempted to have a little party. And then another one and one more and one more and…
Well, let´s just say that José´s day job came in handy again, his old connections in the drug dealing business boosted up the evenings. Or how should we put it more gently?: It's been more drugs than sex and rock n'roll for Rat Salad lately. And who could blame them? If you were to be consuming every possible kind of opiate, spiced with ditto hallucinogens for a couple of months, with an additional diet purely consisting of dairy-products and muffins, you'd be pretty sedated too I guess? Not to even mention getting it up, or playing a friggin´ guitar?

Well, during those hazy couple of months, our two heroes at least managed to record this mix before they went into rehab. It was made during one of their most narc-o-ed-out parties, that was held in their home-studio. A smoky old industrial hall down by the docks. The whole menu was served. From uppers and downers to the more mind-expanding dishes. José and Rat took turns by the turntables, all depending on who was the most fucked-up to handle the task. There were quite a bit of freakish dancing going on but mostly during the first part of the set…but after a while the entire crowd were sunk to the floor, tripping out to whatever visions appearing in the concrete ceiling. 

This mix actually reflects this diverse intake of substances. You will experience everything from suicide-esque coke-mania and gritty heroin-punk to cosmic krautrock and space rock to tripped-out psychedelia and hippie-dreams. An enchanting trip through the far out lands of narcotic rock.

So fire up that doobie, drop that tab. Get baked. Get toasted. Tune in an trip out!

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