Trushmix 46: DJ Sotofett & Snorre Magnar Solberg (Live)

Edition #46 of Trushmix presents a rare speciality - capturing 1-hour of Snorre Magnar Solberg (outta Bergen) and DJ Sotofett live at "Sex Tags Mania presents..." the 24th of Aug. 2013 at Loftus Hall, Berlin, with the above mentioned artists and Iben Elster as special guest performing all night. Throughout the hour is a peak into Snorre & Soto's combined record and live set - two turntables and a slowly heated machine park trippin' in-and-out of the mix.

Upcoming week in Berlin is the next round;
Sex Tags Mania presents Hops, DJ Fett Burger & DJ Sotofett
19th of October at Shift, from 23:00.

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