Trushmix 123: SVN

For Trushmix 123 we are very happy to have SVN back in the mix. Finally a new mix is recorded, and showcases the clubby and housey side of this unique talent.
Always busy recording new productions with or without partners in the now legendary Neues Deutschland studio, and always keeping a consistent flow of high sought after quality records on his and SW's label SUED. And playing live as Dresvn with good friend and partner Dresen.

Now it's time to highlight the DJ side of SVN. This mix shows SVN as a highly talented DJ with excellent track selection.  Over one hour of pure atmospheric vintage sounding house and electronic club tracks of the highest quality. Smoothly mixed and performed in the subtle, deep way, that we know from SVN productions.
This mix shows that SVN should be playing in clubs around the world and spreading the good vibes with style.

Enjoy this mix for real!

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