Trushmix 132: Vakho

Trushmix 132. With Vakho!
The man know for operating the Tbilisi based multi operation, label and record-store Vodkast. Spreading the good vibes and connecting Tbilisi's underground music scene with the rest of the world.
He made a great selected mix for us here at Trush. Starting off easygoing and transfers into deep organic, esoteric wave based modern to old disco in house. With a slow chug vibration in the mix.

An absolute listening experience for a great start to an amazing night.

Check it out folks!


Saturday 2nd of February.
Vodkast Records party in Tbilisi.
Vakho, Zurkin and DJ Fett Burger in the mix
At Bassiani, Horoom

Be there and not be square!


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