Trushmix 144: SJ Tequilla presents Teknobusker with Aaty Live

Trushmix 144 this time a live set, with SJ Tequilla's project Teknobusker.
A one hour live Acid session recorded at OHM 12.07.19 at the Grafiti Tapes party in Berlin.

Teknobusker is a acid project, where SJ Tequilla together with good friend Aaty do sporadic outdoor live sessions on the streets and subway stations of Berlin. Raw  303, 606 plus EFX and a lot of passion inn the mix!
This recording is their first club gig to date! And will  to be the last!

Check out some videos of Teknobusker live here:

Can you handle the Acid in the streets?


SJ Tequillas new 12" will be out on Shot OF T the next week!
SOT 303 will be in good record stores near you and online!
Bu sure not to miss it!

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